How to Borrow Money From Jaiz Bank Loan

How to Borrow Money From Jaiz Bank Loan

Facing tough economic times makes it harder for people to meet their financial needs. This makes it important to have easy and affordable help with money. Many individuals and businesses are looking for reliable solutions to deal with these uncertain situations.

Jaiz Bank is a reliable source of financial help during difficult times. It is different because it follows Islamic Banking Principles, which is a different way of doing banking compared to the usual methods. This makes it a special and ethical option for those looking for loans without the added burden of interest.

About Jaiz Bank

Jaiz Bank is unique among other banks because it follows Islamic Banking Principles. From the beginning, Jaiz Bank has been committed to providing ethical and non-interest financial solutions and is the pioneer in Nigeria’s financial scene. Instead of the usual interest-based practices, Jaiz Bank focuses on offering a different banking experience, sticking to its principles.

Jaiz Bank aims to be the top choice for ethical banking in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, this goal isn’t just words as it guides everything the bank does. With more than 26,000 shareholders from all six regions of Nigeria, Jaiz Bank is a national organization owned by a diverse and widespread community, and it’s publicly quoted, meaning its shares are available for the public to buy and sell.

Jaiz Bank is based on seven key principles that guide everything it does—responsibility, entrepreneurship, simplicity, excellence, customer focus, and trust. These principles show the bank’s dedication to responsible banking, supporting entrepreneurship, keeping financial dealings simple, aiming for excellence, putting customers at the forefront, and building trust within its community.

Types Of Loans Available Through Jaiz Bank

There are numerous types of loans available for customers at Jaiz banks. These loans are in place to solve different financial needs. 

Working Capital Financing (Murabaha)

Jaiz Bank provides special financial support to businesses through Working Capital Financing, following the Murabaha framework. This financing option is like a lifeline for businesses dealing with their everyday money needs. It’s a strategic tool designed to help businesses with various needs, like funding for important things such as inventory, stock, and other operational necessities.

The process starts with the business that needs to get certain goods. The business gives Jaiz Bank a proforma invoice, which is like an official request for money. This invoice includes details about the cost of the goods and other important information. Once Jaiz Bank gets this invoice, it makes a direct payment to the supplier for the business. 

The repayment for Working Capital Financing follows a pre-agreed agreement between the business and Jaiz Bank. This agreement is designed to fit the financial situation of the business, ensuring a customized and sustainable plan for repayment. What makes Murabaha unique is its transparency and fairness, in line with Islamic finance principles. As businesses deal with their financial needs, Jaiz Bank’s Working Capital Financing is a trustworthy and ethical partner, offering the needed support to keep operations running smoothly.

Household Appliance Finance (Murabaha)

Jaiz Bank does more than just help businesses. it understands the personal needs of its customers. The Household Appliance Finance, which follows the Murabaha framework, is proof of Jaiz Bank’s dedication to improving the lives of its clients.

This special loan is made for people who want to get important household items like refrigerators, TVs, and laptops. The process is simple but effective. Jaiz Bank helps the customer buy the chosen product, making sure it’s an easy process. The bank then sells the product to the customer at a cost-plus-profit margin, making the transaction fair and clear.

What makes the Household Appliance Finance special is its customer-friendly way of repayment. Customers get a convenient repayment plan spread over 24 months. During this period, individuals make monthly repayments directly from their salary. This considerate setup makes sure that more people can enjoy the benefits of essential household items. It aligns with Jaiz Bank’s commitment to making finance accessible and following ethical banking practices.

Lease to Own (Ijarawalqtina)

Jaiz Bank brings in the Lease to Own financing option, using the Ijarawalqtina framework. This offers a flexible solution for individuals and businesses looking to lease assets with the possibility of eventually owning them. This new financing option lets customers choose assets they want to lease, like equipment or vehicles. Jaiz Bank acts as the buyer, getting the chosen asset for the customer. This way, the customer can use the needed asset without the immediate financial pressure of buying it outright.

The repayment process is made flexible for customers. They can make regular lease payments over time, giving them the advantage of using the leased asset while managing the financial commitment gradually. What makes Ijarawalqtina unique is that customers have the option to buy the asset at the end of the lease period. This two-phase approach offers customers both short-term access to the asset and a long-term opportunity to own it.

Project Financing/Constructing

In this program, Jaiz Bank works together with businesses to build and sell projects with deferred payment terms. The flexibility of this financing option lets businesses take on ambitious projects without an immediate financial burden. The process starts with the business sharing its project ideas, and Jaiz Bank agrees to handle the construction of the project.

What makes this offering special is the deferred payment terms. Businesses can choose to pay in full after the project is completed and delivered or opt for a structured installment plan. This customized repayment approach allows businesses to match their financial commitments with the milestones and successes of the project.

 Who Qualifies For A  Jaiz Bank Business Loan?

Jaiz Bank is dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes. It offers a variety of funding options designed to meet the financial needs of both large corporations and small enterprises. The bank recognizes that businesses have different financial needs. Its funding options are designed to cater to a wide range of enterprises, whether it’s a large corporation in need of substantial capital or a small business requiring targeted financial support. 

However, Jaiz Bank has specific criteria that businesses must meet to be eligible for its loans. These criteria include:

  • When applying for Jaiz Bank loans, businesses are required to show a certain level of profitability. This criterion highlights that the enterprises seeking funding have a stable financial foundation, contributing to the overall success of the loan arrangement.
  • For businesses applying for loans, having a good credit history is important, especially for unsecured loan products. While secured loans focus on collateral, unsecured loans give more importance to the business’s creditworthiness. This shows a responsible approach to financial commitments.
  • To qualify for a Jaiz Bank business loan, the applying entity must be an active customer of the bank. This is to establish a connection between the financial institution and the business, emphasizing the importance of an ongoing relationship in the loan application process.
  • For businesses seeking financial support from Jaiz Bank, it’s a requirement to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). This ensures that applying entities operate within the legal framework, contributing to the overall transparency and compliance of the loan process.
  • Though not an absolute requirement, Jaiz Bank generally views businesses more favorably if they have been in operation for a minimum duration, typically ranging from one to three years. This helps in assessing the stability and viability of the business.

Funds Disbursement And Repayment Terms

Jaiz Bank highly values efficient and transparent financial processes. The bank aims to provide a smooth experience for businesses during both the funds disbursement and repayment phases. The time it takes to receive funds from Jaiz Bank depends on the specific credit facility involved. Smaller unsecured loans usually have a quick disbursement, allowing businesses to access financial support quickly. 

The bank offers both short- and long-term loan options. This gives businesses the flexibility to choose a repayment structure that matches their financial capabilities. Jaiz Bank makes sure that the repayment structure is tailored to their unique needs whether businesses choose short-term financial solutions or need extended support.

Jaiz Bank’s core philosophy revolves around complying with non-interest banking principles. It’s important for businesses interacting with Jaiz Bank’s loan offerings to understand the specifics of these principles. As a non-interest bank, Jaiz Bank avoids traditional interest-based transactions. Instead, it operates on profit-sharing and risk-sharing models, aligning with Islamic financial principles. 


Jaiz Bank serves as a reliable source of financial support in Nigeria, offering accessible and ethical loan options to businesses during economic challenges. Accessing loans through Jaiz Bank is made easy, both large and small businesses can discover customized funding options to address their different needs. If you’re looking for financial assistance, Jaiz Bank encourages you to visit its official website or any of its branches nationwide.